The Annual  Hawaii Kendo Federation’s

Youth/Novice Kendo Training

October 12, 2003

Kaimuki Honbu


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            The invited participants from all dojos began to assemble early at the Honbu Dojo in Kaimuki.   With their parents in tow, the students of various ages and stages of experience showed up with the enthusiasm

to learn the basics of kendo. 

            The participants observed the HKF Iai-bu group perform  iai-do.

The HKF Vice President Yukimasa Furutani Sensei opened the program with an overview of the program.   Dick Teshima Sensei lead the instructions to the enthusiastic students.  The program included the following subjects:

                        Reihou, Sahou, Chakusou- “the right posture”

Entering the dojo, greeting Sensei, senpai and each other

How to sit in Seiza, stand  from seiza

Proper dress in kendo gi and hakama

                        Concept of Kendo- “the right heart”

Kendo is a way to discipline the human character through the application of the principle of the katana.  AJKF 1976

Let’s train our bodies, purify our hearts, devotion to our parents, value proper manners and work for the others and the world.

      Dojo slogan from the Kobukan dojo in Japan

                        About Katana by Dr. Jinichi Tokeshi

Brief history, construction and the relation to the shinai.  Viewing of a “live” blade

                        Newspaper cutting with Bokuto

                                    Chudan no kamae, Furikaburi, Kirioroshi, Te no uchi

                        Kihon Kendo Skill Training with Bokuto-“the right kendo”

                                    Ippon Uchi no waza:  Men, Kote, Do

                                    Nidan no waza:  Kote-men

                                    Harai waza:  Harai men

                                    Nuki Waza:  men, nuki-so


Fumikomi ashi, Ki-ken-tai no itchi, follow through in suriashi and okuri ashi, zanshin

The participating students included Kainoa Buntin, Todd Polk, Jason Kim, Chase Takenaka, James Okada, Mathew Ito, Connor Zalewski, Sam Knuth, Ivy Ka, Robert Kim, Anolani Bennie, Brandon Imamura, Won Cha, Eins Ka, Adam Kiyosaki, and Chul Woo Kim.  The students received gifts for  attending the event.

            The HKF President Terushi Ueno closed the event with some remarks of encouragement to the students.


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