Marunouchi Kenyukai Visitors

November 2003

By Kathy Nekomoto


            The Hawaii Kendo Federation was very privileged to receive the Marunouchi Kenyukai for keiko at the Kenshikan Dojo and the Myohoji Dojo

on November eighth and sixth respectively.   Sensei Toshihiro Konishi from the Myohoji Dojo was responsible in coordinating the visit with his brother Shiro Konishi Sensei from Tokyo Japan.  Shiro Konishi Sensei, Kendo Hachidan Hanshi  is the Head Instructor for the Marunouchi Kenyukai.

            The 12 visiting members participating in keiko included:

                        Watanabe Sensei, 7 dan, President

                        Kamiura Sensei, 7 dan,  Advisor

                        Sakurai Sensei, 7 dan

                        Fukui Sensei, 7 dan

                        Hayashi Sensei, 7 dan

                        Aoki Sensei, 6 dan

                        Nakanishi Sensei, 6 dan

                        Kokura Sensei, 6 dan

                        Shima Sensei, 5 dan

                        Matsumoto Sensei, 5 dan

                        Mr. Noguchi, 4 dan

                        Ms. Nomura, 3 dan

            The Marunouchi Kenyukai was founded 52 years ago and recently celebrated their 50th anniversary by visiting South Korea in 2001.  They have approximately 100 members and they practice twice weekly at the Marunouchi police dojo.

            We were also privileged to receive NagamatsuSensei, Hanshi Hachidan, Ishikawa Sensei, and Tamura Yoko Sensei  from Japan in joining our keiko at Myohoji Dojo on November 6, 2003.

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