The 19th Annual Leeward Tournament

Mililani Recreational Gym

June 20, 2004


            The early morning was filled with excitement and anticipation from the kendoists participating in the 19th annual Leeward tournament held on June 20, 2004 at the Mililani recreational gymnasium.  Traditionally, the tournament is held on Father's day and it becomes a family celebration. 

The tournament was sponsored by Mililani Kendo Club, Waipahu Seibukan Kendo Club, Wahiawa Kendo Club and the Waipahu Konkokyo Kendo Club.  The exciting highlight of the tournament was the Parents/Children team match.  The children won 5 wins to the parent's 3 wins.   The audience was involved by adding further support for the children.  The special James Oka Kantosho perpetual trophy was awarded to Gregory Gates.

            The following were the winners of the individual divisions:

                        Yonenbu Division

                                    1st place          Chase Matayoshi

                                    2nd place        Takumi Nishida

                                    3d  place        Derek Sato

                        Shonenbu Division

                                    1st place          Braxton Fukutomi

                                    2nd place        Dominick Corelli

                                    3d  place        Mathew Ito

                                    3d  place        James Okada

                        Seinenbu Division    

                                    1st place          Shem Kim

                                    2nd place        Cael Goodin

                                    3d place         Trina Kobata

                                    3d place         Aaron Kim

                        Yudansha 1-2 dan

                                    1st place          Colin Maruoka

                                    2nd place        Takuma Hirako

                                    3d place         Nolan Takahashi

                                    3d place         Karen Yamada

                        Yudansha 3 above

                                    1st  place         Wesley Fujimoto

                                    2nd place        Billy Kang

                                    3d place         Seth Harris

                                    3d place         Grant Matsubayashi

                        Yudansha Masters

                                    1st place          Taro Ariga

                                    2nd place        Iwao Sato

                                    3d  place        Tusha Buntin

                        Parents/Children Team Match

                                    Parents team             3 wins

                                    Childrens team          5 wins

                        James Oka Kantosho Award

                                    Gregory Gates

The kendo equipment company Eguchi USA and e-Bougu brought many items for sale.

            The tournament was closed with many looking forward to next year's tournament.

Congratulations to all the winners

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