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University of Hawai'i at Mânoa Kendo Club


Friday 6:30 pm
Athletic Complex (Lower Campus), Studio 2
Contact: Billy Kang


A. Fundamentals (First Semester)

  1. Seiza and Standing: Sit in, and stand from, Seiza from the correct foot (Sa-Za U-Ki).
  2. Za-Rei and Ritsu-Rei: Perform the Za-Rei and Ritsu-Rei to each other and to the upper section of the Dôjô.
  3. Sonkyo: Assume Sonkyo position without crouching.

B. Footwork

  1. Feet positions: Position the feet properly when standing with balanced weight distribution.
  2. Okuri-Ashi (Suri-Ashi) forward, backward, left and right: Perform Okuri Ashi smoothly while maintaining the proper feet positions.

C. Kihon Waza (With Shinai or Bokken)

  1. Shômen Uchi: Swing the sword straight up then strike the Shômen with proper grip, arm positions, Okuri Ashi, posture and Kiai (Ki-Ken-Tai No Itchi).
  2. Kote Uchi: Strike the right Kote straight, with proper arm positions, Okuri Ashi, posture and Kiai.
  3. Dô Uchi: Strike the right Dô in 45° angle with proper arm positions, Okuri Ashi, posture and Kiai.

D. Applications (Second Semester)

  1. Uchikomi Geiko: Perform the various strikes as in Kihon with Fumikomi Ashi and Zanshin when the Motodachi indicates an opening.
  2. Kirikaeshi: Perform left and right Men Kirikaeshi including Tai-Atari while maintaining the posture, Maai, and Kiai.
  3. Kakari Geiko: Perform the various strikes quickly without pause by creating the openings.
E. Advanced Waza (Third Semester)

  1. Harai Waza
  2. Suriage Waza
  3. Nuki Waza
  4. Kaeshi Waza
  5. Tai-Atari and Hiki Waza
  6. Debana Waza
F. Care of Equipment

  1. Shinai
  2. Kendo Gi and Hakama
  3. Kendo Gu

G. Advanced Keiko (With Kendo Gu)

  1. Jigeiko
  2. Shiai Geiko
H. Nihon Kendo Kata (With Bokken)

  1. Go-Gyô No Kamae
  2. Tachi No Kata 1-7
  3. Kodachi No Kata 1-3


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