Masaki Kawahara, Sensei

Kendo Kyoshi 8-Dan


The Hawaii Kendo Federation was privileged to receive Masaki Kawahara Sensei, kendo kyoshi 8-dan from the All Japan Kendo Federation. He was sent to us upon request from the Hawaii Kendo Federation for a kendo seminar. The seminar began on July11 through July 21, 2004. Kawahara Sensei is a kendo instructor with the Hyogo prefectural police department and recently passed his 8-dan exam at the age of 48 years old.


The Hawaii Kendo Federation hosted a welcome party on

July 10, 2004. The seminar was held at various dojos on the islands with the invitation open to all Hawaii Kendo Federation members. He taught at Kaimuki Honbu, Kaifukan Kendo Club, Wahiawa Kendo Club, Myohoji Kendo Club, Kenyukai Kendo Club, Hilo Hongwanji and Hilo Kobukan Kendo Club, and the Kenshikan Kendo Club. The following subjects were included:

Kihon waza with Bokken

Kihon, special training for Senshu

Shiai/shimpan procedures

Kendo kata

All subjects were followed by jigeiko sessions.


Kawahara Sensei emphasized several things:

        Uchikomi practice with large waza and use the body in proper okuriashi. Go through the motodachi quickly, covering from one end of the dojo to the other. Kakari geiko, on the other hand is done quickly as possible without resting for breath.

        Shinpan: the most important thing is to be able to discern yuko datotsu. Shinpan who has not studied certain waza will not be able to see it during a shiai. Shinpan must keiko.

        Kendo kata: be sure to strike using the monouchi, both uchitachi as well as shitachi.


On Sunday, July 18, a special plaque was awarded to Kawahara Sensei by Terushi Ueno, President of the Hawaii Kendo Federation. A special Aloha party was held and attended by all HKF kendoists.


The seminar was very successful and informative and we look forward to another seminar with a visiting sensei.


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