Visitors from Japan

Isogai Korei Sensei and Guests

October 27, 2003

Honbu Dojo


                                                              By Kathy Nekomoto  


The Hawaii Kendo Federation was fortunate to have Mr. Korei Isogai Sensei and other chief instructors visit the various dojos as well as attend the usual Sunday practice at the Honbu Dojo.   Isogai Sensei writes articles for the Kendo Jidai, a monthly kendo magazine.   Other visitors included Senseis Masaki Ichioka, Akihiro Tamura, Kunihiro Itoh, Hironobu Katsuta, Mitsuru Miura, and Hiroshi Iwabu.

Our practice at the Honbu Dojo gave us an opportunity to practice with high caliber kendoists.   We look forward to keiko with them in the future.

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