10th Anniversary Tournament

Held Sunday, November 13, 2005 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Final Results:
Division Name
Novice (11 Years and younger)
1st Place Alex Baker
2nd Place Kendo Pilor
3rd Place Scott Ogata
3rd Place Koa Ho
Novice (12 Years and over)
1st Place Anthony Vasquez
2nd Place Szu-Ping Lin
3rd Place Ronald Gregorio
3rd Place Michael Chen
Yonenbu (8-10 Years)
1st Place Erika Hill
2nd Place Chase Takenaka
3rd Place Ty Shiramizu
Shonenbu (11-13 years)
1st Place Braxton Fukutomi
2nd Place Ryo Eguchi
3rd Place Matthew Ito
Seinenbu Women
1st Place Nicole Yoshida
2nd Place Candace LeBeau
3rd Place Megan Watanabe
1st Place Sung Jun Chang
2nd Place Dean Kokubun
3rd Place Cale Goodin
Yudansha Women
1st Place Roxine Kubo
2nd Place Sakurako Suzuki
3rd Place Keiko Yamada
Yudansha 1-3
1st Place Shota Nakata
2nd Place Billy Kang
3rd Place Yuki Hamajima
Yudansha (4 Dan and over)
1st Place Yukihisa Shiozuka
2nd Place Sei Wakuta
3rd Place Mark Kawabata

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