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All Hawaii Kendo Championships 2002 (5-1-2003)
Lessons in Iai-do (Updated 11/11/02)
Legacy of the Senior Senseis Hawaii
HKF Standard Protocols
Iai-bu Dec 23, 2001
Monthly Essay (03-15-04)
Annual HKF's Youth/Novice Kendo Training (11-19-03)
Isogai Korei Sensei Visitors (11-21-03)
Marunouchi KenYuKai Vistors (11-28-03)
The Vistors of Saitama (01-05-04)
The Senior Sensei's Taikai 2003 (1-25-2004)

Ninth Annual Kenshikan Taikai, March 21, 2004
Masaki Kawahara Sensei Visit, July 2004
Annual Leeward Tournament
The Aiea Taiheiji Tournament
Kendo Camp 2004
The Third All Hawaii Kendo Championships (1-11-05)
20th Annual Leeward Tournament held on June 19, 2005 (11-04-2005)
50th Anniversary Tournament held on August 20, 2005 (11-08-2005)
10th Annual Kenshikan Tournament held on November 13, 2005 (1-06-2006)
2006 Youth Kendo Tournament held on May 7, 2006 (6-05-2006)

Excerpts of messages given to the Team Hawaii members to the 12WKC

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